Around Pedavena

Pedavena is a town at the foot of the mount Avena, at 365 metres above sea and surrounded by Feltre’s summits and, although small, rich in history and natural sights.
Because of its surroundings, many noble and rich families from Feltre had their summer residences built in Pedavena. It is worth mentioning Villa Pasole, built on the remains of an old castle, Villa Facen-Orum, Villa Masiai, Villa Banchieri, Villa Cevelio, Villa Lusa and Villa Crico. These villas are to be found in other small villages near Pedavena, such as Facen, Norcen, Murle and Sega.
Another interesting aspect are the medieval churches of the area. Originally the area was rich in castles and fortresses because of frequent barbaric invasions and fighting amongst local noble families, however, after 1420 the Republic of Venice destroyed them all to ensure that they could not be used again. On their ruins, the churches that we can admire these days were built.
Inside these churches it is possible to admire works of art, such as the representation of The Transfiguration of Christ between Elia and Moses in the sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of Caravaggio.
At 939 metres above sea level, near the village of Facen, can be found the Sanctuary of Saints Tiburzio and Susanna. This small church, reachable via a small path, is probably built on the remains of a tower and is still object of many popular legends.
Other small churches are to be found throughout the area surrounding Pedavena, such as the church of San Valentine in Festisei and the church of Murle which has a painting of Pietro Marescalchi, a famous painter from Feltre. When walking around, it is often in the province of Belluno, one can still come across wooden kiosks with popular religious representations.

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