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In Pedavena and the Mount Avena, there are many opportunities to practice sport all year round. Whatever your passion is, you can find the activity here for you.

From the mountain pass of Croce d’ Aune, which is about 8 km away, it is possible to set off on hiking trails, the most important being the High Via of the Dolomites no 2 that, through the beautiful Dolomites, links Croce d’Aune with Bressanone.

There are also easier hiking trails, ideal for tranquil walks or excursions by mountain bike.

If you are a lover of free flight, you will definitely appreciate Mount Avena, which, thanks to its unique flowing air, is ideal for paragliding or hang-gliding. In the area there is also a school for paragliding or hang-gliding and there are regular national and international competitions and events.

For the lovers of cars, every year in September there is the car race from Pedavena to Croce d’ Aune, which is valid for the Italian Car Race Championship.
Followed in October by something a big more ecologic, the Trophy Sportfull of ski-roll.
And to stay on the subject of wheels, it is worth remembering the Gran Fondo Internationale Campagnolo, which is a montain bicycle race.

For the lovers of winter sports, such as skiing and cross-country skiing, on Mount Avena there are ski lifts that service 6 ski slopes of various degree of difficulty and 3 tracks for cross-country skiing.

But when talking of Pedavena we cannot fail to mention the famous beer house that for years has been a centerpiece of the local economy. Built in 1897 by the Luciani brothers, it quickly became one of the best known names in Italy. Throughout the years, ownership has changed but without affecting the popularity of the pub and restaurant next to it which, to date, has become one of the most important tourist hotspots of the province.
Pedavena is also only 2 km away from Feltre, a beautifully preserved medieval town which gave birth to many illustrious names.
Feltre, besides being the second most important city in the province of Belluno, is also at the centre of the economic and cultural life for its surronding area and even beyond its provincial boundaries.
It has beautiful preserved palaces and churches, such as the Theatre of La Sana, the Palace of the Reason, the three medioeval doors to the Old City (Imperial, Doria and Pusterla), the cathedral of San Pietro Apostolo and the sanctuary of Saint Vittore and Corona.
Throughout the year, Feltre hosts sport and cultural events that attract big crowds. To mention a few:

  • Regional exibition of artisans and artistic traditions of the City of Feltre
  • The Palio of Feltre
  • The Old Fair of Saint Matthew
  • Giro delle Mura (Marathon of the City)
  • Gran Fondo Campagnolo (mountain bike race)

Lodging at the BB Pedavena during these periods allow our visitors to participate and live these historic events that recreate the medieval era of the city.

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